Jonas Lönnqvist

My name is Jonas and I am 33 years old. I live in Jakobstad together with my dear fiancée and doughter. Since childhood, I have enjoyed sports, and until young adulthood, I devoted a large part of my free time to various forms of physical exercise.

A few years ago, my body began to express a strong need for more recovery and in recent years I have therefore tried to broaden my views in terms of exercise and other hobbies.

Today I enjoy being out in nature and forests, and I do not say no to either longer or shorter hikes in wilderness or national parks. I enjoy the "cottage life" and "cottage environment", partly due to the closeness to nature and its healing qualities. I also enjoy the experience of a slightly more primitive lifestyle that cottage life offers and see it as charming and relaxing.

I am introverted by nature and enjoy the stillness of being alone. However, socializing is also important to me and I appreciate and value the presence of community with my fiancée, family and friends.


Work experience

My working career began in the summer of 2010, as an employee at the Social and Health Care Agency in Jakobstad, as I also completed my studies in physiotherapy. I worked until 2011 within neurological and internal medicine rehabilitation, supporting people recovering from strokes and other various types of neurological diseases, heart surgeries or infarcts and lung diseases.

In 2011-2012, I became acquainted with working on a team, within pain rehabilitation and physiatry in Jakobstad. After a year as a physiotherapist at a health care center 2012-2013, I returned in 2013 working within physiatry and to the team work within pain rehabilitation. I stayed there until I opened my own physiotherapy and mindfulness clinic in the spring of 2018.

Since then, I have worked as a physiotherapist and mindfulness instructor privately. I take pleasure in also being part of the community at the physiatry outpatient clinic and pain rehabilitation clinic in Jakobstad, and have a physiotherapy appointment there 1-2 days / week.

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Leg. Physiotherapist   -   2010

  • Cert. OMI (Orthopedic Medicine International)   -   2015

  • Cert. Expert within pain physiotherapy   -   2016

Cert. Mindfulness instructor Grade 1   -   2018,   Grade 2   -   2021

  • Cert. Mindfulness in long-term pain and illness   -   2019

  • Cert. Mindfulness in anxiety and depression   -   2019

  • Cert. Mindfulness at work   -   2019

  • Cert. Mindfulness and compassion   -   2020

Cert. Movingness instructor   -   2019