Physiotherapy and rehabilitation are broad concepts and can include a variety of sub-areas. Regardless of the therapist's focus and specialization, physiotherapy and rehabilitation are always about promoting human health and well-being in one way or another, and contributing to positive changes in how the individual thrives in their body.

As a physiotherapist, with specialization and experience in the rehabilitation of disorders in the musculosceletal system, my desire is to be able to help you feel better in your body. The measures and strategies we choose to approach well-being, pain relief and improved function and mobility depend on what problems you experience and how they affect you in your everyday life, your wishes and goals as well as my professional opinion of optimal recovery for you. If you are interested to know more about physiotherapy with me, click here.

​As a physiotherapist, I offer the following services:

  • Examination, pain analysis and evaluation

  • Treatment on the basis of pain analysis and / or according to your wishes

  • Guidance and counseling in self-help



Mindfulness is an approach where we exercise some of our most beautiful and important human qualities; attention, focus, awareness and compassion. With the help of mindfulness training, we increase our awareness of what is going on within us and in our environment, in the present moment. Mindfulness practice helps us manage physical, mental and emotional challenges we may face privately or at our work life, without being overwhelmed or emptying our energy levels.

Training in mindfulness increases our ability to pay attention to-, take advantage of and enjoy moments in our daily lives that otherwise can easily pass us by, which in turn also gives us the strength and energy to handle and master circumstances that are difficult and challenging. For more information about mindfulness, click here.

​As a mindfulness instructor, I offer the following services:

  • Individual guidance

  • Group based guidance

  • Workshops and lectures

  • Group based guidance and inspirational lectures for companies and workplaces

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Massage and/or soft mobilization of musculoskeletal soft tissues can be included in the physiotherapeutic process, depending on what kind of problems you have and how you experience them, but I also offer massage as such if you wish.

In the management  of both pain and stress-related dysfunction, massage treatments can give support and provide relief. The positive effects that massage can contribute tend to be more lasting and strengthened if treatment is combined with other holistic recovery strategies and transformative processes.


Lectures and workshops

I offer lectures and workshops on various topics. Lecture themes and content can be shaped and tailored according to your needs. Below are a few examples of possible lecture content.

  • Stress and stress management

  • Recovery

  • Pain and pain management

  • Mindfulness

  • Compassion

  • The moving body

  • Ergonomics


Guidance online

For those of you who seek my guidance but do not have the opportunity to physically visit by appointment, you now also have the opportunity for guidance online. Online guidance can be an option if you want support in pain management, stress management, mindfulness but also if you may need any follow-up and guidance in your own physiotherapeutical training.

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Prices and payment methods

Pricing for individual visits

  • 30 min. 45 €

  • 45 min. 55 €

  • 60 min. 65 €

  • 75 min. 77 €

  • 90 min. 90 €

With a doctor's referral, you have the opportunity from FPA to apply for certain compensation for physiotherapy costs.

  • Please NOTE! For a non-canceled visiting absence a 45 € fee will be charged

Pricing for lectures, workshops, group guidance

  • Request a quote

Payment methods

  • Bank card

  • Invoice

  • Cash

  • ePassi

  • Smartum